Ms. Weinberg-Benson has worked in clay since she was six years old. Fortunately her artistic life began with Olga Heatley, a clay sculptor who loved to share her creativity and nurture that of others. When it was time to go to College at the University of Florida she knew that she would be an art major, but once there discovered that the ceramics instructor did not like to teach. So she sought out mentors in other media, and this let to her discovery of drawing, photography and sculpture. When she graduated she met a wonderful “Master Potter” in North Georgia, Charles Counts. His method of teaching was intense but the result was that he taught his students to make wonderfully thin functional work on the potters’ wheel, to love the process and to always grow within ones craft. After many years of working in the functional realm she found herself creating works that were purely decorative. She began drawing on the surfaces of her porcelain pieces and was searching for inspiration, that took her to using emotions to abstractly express the lines and colors that gave life to the vessels. And thus began her journey of self expression.

At the age of forty-two she went back to Graduate School at the University of Georgia and found that she had a social voice. She now expresses both her views and those of the community she creates for in the Public arena. Creating large works such as the City of Atlanta Medical Center MARTA Station and Fulton County’s Southwest Art Center became both fun and inspirational. Still working in clay she is now carving bricks and working in brightly colored tiles to create works that will withstand the weather and that appear to grow right out of their environment.

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