“The Tower of Time” and “The Community Quilts”

The City of Atlanta

22’ X 200’ X 100’

This work comprised of carved brick, stainless steel, steel, fiber optic lighting, earth berm, granite wall was commissioned by the City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs for the Ben Hill Recreation Center.  This is a two part collaborative commission.  “The Tower of Time” is a 22 foot tall tower with three tiers of bricks depicting the history of the community from its Native American roots to its present day glory.  The tower also has fiber optic lighting that reflects off the stainless steel bands.  The ceremonial path spirals around the base while the wind chimes herald a place of health and joy. The “Community Quilts” on either side of the porte-cochere were carved by the community during several workshops held by the artists. By creating the bricks themselves the community feels a real sense of ownership in the project. This work won an Urban Design Commission award of excellence in Public Art. 

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