“From Reading to Writing under the Tree of Knowledge” and “Multi-Cultural Myths”

Fulton County Arts Council, Alpharetta Georgia

40’ X 30’ X 5’

This is a permanent sculpture commissioned by the Fulton County Arts Council for the Robert E. Fulton Library in Alpharetta, Georgia.  These two monumental carved brick sculptures act as gateway portals to this building and announce to all visitors the library’s mission of knowledge, entertainment and education. Life-sized figures of young people, a boy and a girl, are carved from wet industrial brick in bas relief, each majestically in repose under the “Tree of Knowledge”. One figure is writing a book and the other, reading.  Intended by the artist to emerge seamlessly from the architecture, these sculptures are like the cover of a book. They visually announce the promise of intriguing narratives or the access to information to anyone who ventures inside. “Four Myths” are four seperate tiles each based on ancient myths form four different cultures brought into the twenty-first century. These vivid porcelain ceramic tiles are created in a process developed by the artist called ceramic cloisonne. They are sandblasted and drawn on with pastel with elements of mixed media. 

Details of “Multi Cultural Myths”
“A Life Lesson from the Holy Man to the Monk”
“Pandora’s Box”
“We are all One”
“How the Rabbit Stole the Otter’s Coat”

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