"The Greeters” and “New Sun Rising”

The Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta Georgia

30’ X 30’

When the drawings of the Southwest Art Center were presented to the artist and the community it was obvious that the Architects had designed the front façade to be a stage setting. Elaborating on that theme I carved the two 10 foot tall performers as greeters. The one on the right is “The Greeter Enkosi” he is an African drummer named for Enkosi Johnson, the young boy in South Africa who showed great courage in the face of dying from AIDS. He represents the freedom of an inner rhythm and the courage to embrace it. On the left is “The Greeter Jewel”, a ballerina and she represents the jewel in each of us that can be discovered by the joys of self-expression. The sculpted ceramic and glass relief mosaic over the porte-cochere created by Donna Pickens s called “New Sun Rising” and it vibrantly elaborates on the wonders of creativity in all the various art disciplines.

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